Our first conversation

Was arm in arm about another woman

On our way to friends

With a strange hop-step rhythm

Kicking loose concrete with our heels

And letting a ukulele hang limp

Amongst some of our shoulders

When I met you

You were already dressed as one of my heroes

Sunglasses and curls

Harmonica and melodic drone

My first impression of you

Was an uninvited journey

To the bedside folksongs

My father used to turn into lullabies

I should have known you would soothe me

I should have known you’d be

The kind of man

I’ve always wanted to be proud of

My father used to yell like thunder

So I hid from rain

I’m still afraid of fireworks

My brother

He’s a great guy

But we run like parallel lines

13 years apart

As close as we’re ever going to get

You taught me how to find the sun with angles

You hang tightropes from shadows

And attach them to the moon

You bend my Insight

You see dimensions in atmosphere



The primary

How we all come back

To one

Our silence is beautiful

Our music is therapy

Our words are communal

And our worries

Are gently tended

We touch like stitching wounds

I’m healing

My mother

Didn’t let anyone else hold me

For a long time

After I was born

For me

In the ways I am like her

It’s hard to imagine

Another hand that could be a cradle

One day

I want you to hold my son

Carry my daughter

I want them to know the man

I first called a hero

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