Because People Keep Breaking Up Lately

This is for you.  If you, like me, have ever believed something falsely.

I’ve written a million words

Trying to crush them down

To love songs

Trying to take the blackened soot

That rolls off my chin

Stone on top of boulders

Tripping over where it belongs

Like if I put enough pressure

Onto falsely lullabied lovers

I could make my stone cold coal

Into diamonds

I once lifted my tongue

To lesser lips

That ate of me

Drank of me

In gulps and engulfments

Never sips

Til I was less than I was

Without them

Til I disappeared

Amongst the clouds of smoke

That now fade the memory of me

I look sickly in your greys

I thought I was being generous

Not dangerous

I thought I was walking on the safe side

I thought the grass was green

I thought you wanted me to stay

Even when you

Wanted to leave

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